"I can set my own goals, when I look back I am amazed at how much I have done. It helps me to know what I know, so I can work out what I do not know!"

Ben, Year 5 Pupil in UK.
"I want to support my children`s learning, sometimes it is difficult to know how to help, but sharing their goals with school makes it a lot easier."

Guðrún, parent of pupils Year 2 and Year 6, Iceland.
"Everything I need in one place, saving a lot of time. Now I can spend less time on planning & more time on what really matters, focussing on learning."

Göran, teacher in Year 4 to 6, Sweden.
"This is just what a school needs, something that is simple but helps teachers to teach and children to learn more effectively."

David, Primary Headteacher, UK.