New solution to

Manage learning
in Teams

InfoMentor provides easy to use modules within Microsoft Teams designed to reduce teacher‘s workload. Each module focuses on facilitating an area of a teacher‘s daily business, such as planning, assessment, attendance, analytics and reporting.

The modules are designed to minimise change and duplication within teachers working day. This solution, which benefits from Teams‘ collaborative platform, provides support for teacher’s pedagogical processes without leaving the Teams environment, thereby eliminating the need to use other systems.


  • Owns the decision to sign up
  • Easy to use functionality, free of charge
  • Time saver
  • Simple and easy to learn, never leaves the Microsoft environment


  • GDPR compliant
  • Cost savings
  • One less system, no tender requirements
  • Support from existing IT partner


  • Completes their IT solutions without requiring any pedagocical know-how
  • Support for complete solution
  • Competetive towards other LMS and Google solutions

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